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Hardcore Preps
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this group is for the true preps on live journal.
no haters or fakes, please.
if you have a problem with my rules, leave a comment letting me know and they might be changed.
you will not be accepted if you think that your a prep just because you wear abercrombie and hollister.
...being a prep is so much more than that.
you don't have to attend a prep school or belong to a country club
...although it may help.....
please follow the rules!!!

for new applicants:
here is your application! you must first join the community, and then start a new post with the lj-cut as "application"...
you only have one shot to apply, and if you are rejected, too bad...you're just not preppy enough!!

Where you Live:
Your Current School or Workplace:
Your three favorite colors:
Your 10 favorite movies:
Your 5 favorite books:
Favorite type of music:
Favorite band/musician/singer:
Favorite Magazine:
Favorite Ice Cream flavor:
Favorite Vacation Spot:
Favorite TV show:
Your myspace address (if you have one!):
What you want to be when you grow up:
What makes you a Hardcore Prep:
please link to us in 3 places, and include a direct link her to show me where you linked to here!
Finally, please add 3-15 pictures of yourself:
thanks and good luck!!!!!!

for the current members:
1.no fowl language PLEASE!
2.no insults
3.no hating on anyone else, just because you don't agree with them